Artist & Instructor


  • MFA. 2D. The University of Arizona. 2021
  • BFA. Drawing. Arizona State University. 2009


b. 1986

Daniel Maxwell is a California-born visual artist working in 2D media. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Arizona State University in 2009. Daniel, a nontraditional student, returned to academia after a decade-long break. In May 2021, he received an MFA from the University of Arizona. Daniel’s art making is anchored in his process: he draws. In his drawings, he is fueled by a belief in expression beyond representation. Daniel has exhibited his work nationally in private collections and galleries. He has won multiple awards including a Medici Scholar Grant. Shortly after graduating, Daniel and his wife relocated to New England.


Drawing owns an infinite number of opportunities to be a complete art object that commands space the same way a sculpture owns its shape. My complete work encompasses many separate and unrelated series. The longest continuous series that spans twelve years addresses loss. I examine drawing as an undercurrent in all creative ambitions. Drawing weaves in and out of artistic and scientific disciplines. It changes its purpose with ease. It is flexible, malleable, and accessible. Drawing, in its variations, can be seen established in fields far beyond fine art. Drawing operates as a tool that allows us to make clear our imagined ideas.



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